Four Plays

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The plays of Norwegian dramatist Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906) are critically acclaimed throughout the world

Archer was also a critic, who with actress Elizabeth Robbins and dramatist George Bernard Shaw was central in the modernisation of English theatre. With an Introduction by Ellen Rees, Centre for Ibsen Studies, University of Oslo.

The father of modern drama, Ibsen broke with theatrical conventions and created a more realistic form of drama that used the stage as a forum for debating social problems, notably the rights of the individual, and the damaging effects of orthodoxy

This collection of four plays contains, A Doll's House 1879 and Hedda Gabler 1890 , his most striking depictions of the struggle by individuals - especially women - to realize their full potential it also presents Peer Gynt 1867 , an early verse tour-de-force, not originally intended for the stage, on the nature of the self, and The Master Builder 1892 , a play that explores the clash between the old and the new in richly metaphorical language

This collection returns to the acclaimed translations of William Archer 1856-1924 , who through these renditions played a major role in promoting Ibsen's reputation outside Norway

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Four Plays

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